good medicine

I texted M yesterday.

if you’re gentle and quick can we pleeeeeease do it tonight? i miss your skin on my skin

And when he came to bed, he asked if I still wanted skin to skin time. Of course I said yes. We undressed and he attached his mouth to my left nipple in some indescribable way that produced some kind of direct current of lust straight to every cell in my body. Somehow we fitted ourselves together in an odd pretzel-y position, but the goal was reached. I keep thinking that no sensation when he’s fucking me can ever be topped and he constantly proves me wrong.

In 20 minutes it was done but, hell, it was a loving, healing, HOT, spectacular 20 minutes.


7 thoughts on “good medicine

    • bed rest ≠ pelvic rest, thank goodness… my midwives only wanted me to quit running around working myself too hard before I was fully recovered. Not to worry, friend!

      • For some women it is… I know that having frequent contractions/preterm labor is a big NO for orgasms…
        Lucky for you that you don’t have to go there 🙂
        And happy too that you got to enjoy it fully!

        • Right, I should have been more clear – bed rest does not *ALWAYS* mean pelvic rest. One of my jobs involves work in the birth field so I’m definitely not going to do anything to endanger the baby for the sake of an orgasm!

          • Yes, it does not always mean pelvic rest, and I say lucky you 🙂
            That’s why I said if the doc is Ok with it… not knowing your special circumstances 🙂
            Mine, back in the day, weren’t always as lenient 😉

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