been a while

Plans to go to the beach for the afternoon Monday were scrapped in favor of naked naptime. As we laid there, his practiced hands touched me in the perfectly right places. He is able to enjoy my tits again, since they aren’t so sensitive. He knows how to slowly lick and suck and make me arch for more. Before I knew it, I was being filled with him. Positions for me are limited by the new body I’ve been developing, and so being on my side with my back to M was inspiring. He misses my rear, without being able to throw me over the edge of the bed and feel my ass against him.

I wasn’t surprised when his fingers started exploring, moving my wetness up and around. He made me moan and push back against him, so that his finger pushed into my ass. It’s been ages and ages since he was in there. It was overwhelmingly hot and I wanted more.

We both got what we wanted, and I was stretched by him and he was enveloped by me and we were perfect. I fell nearly immediately asleep because my orgasm was so long, so intense. I felt the effects of it for the next day and a half, with practice contractions beginning to be noticeable.